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5 Crazy things to do when you go to the mall next time !!


Go to to random people ..Point at your face and ask “have you seen this person before”, and then wait for reply..




Go to the perfume shop,or body shop .Spray deodorant that you have with you and go “That smells better “ and walk out.



" '£250 for a week at a health centre', the brochure said, 'lose weight and give up smoking', it said, 'guaranteed results' it said...'

Get KFC brochures  and distribute it in Mc Donald’s and vice versa.




Come out of the changing room at an apparel store and complain that there is no water in the toilet.




Demand in the i Store to give you an iphone with android OS


More fun ??? share your views !!! 😉


Harikrishnan Unnikrishnan

(image courtesy Reuters)

– Team IDz

@imdz5 Crazy things to do when you go to the mall next time !!
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