Bangalore Kneels Down for Teachers Day

Wow , Bangalore does it again.In a very unique way , students in Bangalore have paid tribute to their teachers by Kneeling down in the busy streets…. Well yea !! those were the days when we all knelt as punishment , today remembering our teachers we have decided to pay tribute in the very form

Bugged by unwanted requests on FB ???

  Random Strangers Sending  Requests?? Bugged by unwanted requests …There are innumerable articles on why you should not accept a random request…. lets explore !!   Top 4 reason to Accept random friend requests on Facebook

Bangalore Independence Day Campaign

The national emblem of India is an adaptation of the Lion Capital of Ashoka at Saranath The Horizontal tricolour flag of India has three colors -csaffron, white, and green Symbolically saffron, white and green were chosen for the three bands, representing courage and sacrifice, peace and truth, and faith and fertility respectively. In India, Republic


Place : Manonandana                                                                         Date : 4th of April , 2014

Ek Sapna : The rise of COMMON MAN

Ek sapna speaks about the problem(s) every common man ( an aam aadmi ) or an Individual in India faces in his daily life , speaks about his pain .. emotions.. the worst.. & the present moral conditions….. But , then he/she realizes … there is a ray of hope ..a belief . NOTE :