Future of AI – Where Will AI Be 1 Year from Now?

“Intelligence is said to be the power of a human mind similarly, Artificial Intelligence is the power of technology.”

Artificial intelligence is heading towards becoming one of the integral technologies in our everyday lives. Today robots are replacing humans in every segment be it, government, cooking, serving in restaurants, mobiles, healthcare, finance, movies, entertainment, etc.

FAI is the next big thing happening in the technology arena. AI still in its nascent beginning has a very promising future. According to recent research 41% of consumers believe AI will make lives better.

AI technology has given a break to the human minds.

Are machines overtaking the power of human brains?

Today decision making in the industries across the world is taken over by machines. The rapid growth of AI technology will make it an indispensible tool for any application.

Though AI technology dates back to 1950s, today the technology is moving out of the human minds into the market place.

Before delving deeper into this topic let us look into a few stats as what the future holds for Artificial Intelligence.

Business leaders believe AI is going to be fundamental in the future. In fact, 72% termed it a “business advantage.”

By 2018, 75% of developer teams will include AI functionality in one or more application or service.

By 2025, the artificial intelligence market will surpass $100 billion.

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Why the renaissance of Artificial Intelligence?

Be it creativity, jobs or imagination, AI has geared up on an overwhelming scale in the recent years. AI technology is an imitation of the human brain which can do what is directed to it. Though these tasks are performed by humans, deep learning machines can execute it in a better way saving time and energy.

Reasons for AI Technology popularizing today is:

Things which are unimaginable to do are done by AI technology. Why it is that Artificial intelligent is the most sought after technology today?

Top companies, financial institutions and health care sectors are opting in for more of AI based systems to speed up their services.

Over the years, growth of technology has taken a huge leap which is indicative of it growing to major heights in the future.


Stats taken from Hackernoon

Top companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft adopting to machine learning, face recognition, natural language processing has made AI is as a potential platform in all the major sectors of the economy. Major groundbreakers leading to this exponential growth of Artificial Intelligence are:

Leap of Big Data

AI lives and breathes data for all its needs. For machines to learn, having lots of data is very important. All the emerging AI technology like face recognition, voice services, language processors need to have data for processing. The more the availability of data the better would be the learning curve of the machines which would enhance the capability of the AI built product.

Huge Investment

AI an emerging technology in the digital world and most of the tech giants opting for this technology are investing huge amount of capital in AI. With investments going as high as 300% by the end of 2017, Gartner estimates that 6 billion connected "things" will be actively requesting support from AI platforms by 2018.

Auto companies like BMW, Tesla, Toyota are investing huge amounts in AI Technology in the use of driverless cars.

Growth of cloud computing

Initially, when AI started off it was not within the reach of many, but today with the advent of cloud computing it has become an economical platform. Today, to name a few AI enabled products using cloud technology are facial recognitions, language translating, etc. which are affordable and accessed by all. Since AI requires extensive use of computing power, integrating AI and cloud would help businesses to flourish better in terms of services, cost and time.

A major career choice

Most of the companies investing more in this field are hunting for the right kind of talent. As opportunities are soaring in AI, many of the graduates today are opting for AI career path which is promising and has a bright future.

Few of the Applications of Artificial Intelligence


Apple’s Siri is a friendly and interactive voice automated application. It helps an individual in getting information, finding directions, sending messages, setting reminders, booking reservations in restaurants and more.


Amazon’s popular personal assistant Alexa has voice interaction, plays music, and provides news, information and more. This also converts our homes into smart homes with the power of voice recognition.


Self-driven car by Google called Tesla stands as one of the best outcome of AI technology for its self-driving features and predictive capabilities.

To add on to this we also have:

Cogito which improves customer interaction

Boxever for the travel industry

Netflix in entertainment

Pandora for music.

Major Breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence:

  • Recently Sophia the humanoid robot has been granted citizenship by the Saudi Arabia government.
  • How decoding of the human brain is done through AI technology to interpret functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) scans from people watching videos, representing a sort of mind-reading technology. This gives new insight into the functioning of the brain.
  • AI enables real-time optical biopsy of colorectal polyps during colonoscopy, regardless of the endoscopists' skill. AI powered system spotting colorectal adenomas that can evolve into cancer. This system takes less than a second to assess with 94% accuracy.
  • Google AutoML an excellent breakthrough in AI technology where the machine is capable of self-replicating which is much better than the humans who created it.

Future of AI Technology (Getting on the top in 2018)

Artificial Intelligence stepping ahead in changing the face of technology is impacting on our daily lives too. It is said that by the end of 2018, 75% of developer teams will include AI technology in their business.


The technologies which will rule in 2018 are:

• Natural Language Generation

By 2018 20% of the business content will be written by machines. Conveying the right messages, writing as per the interest of the audience will be a major part played by the machines. Chatbots in customer services will become more popular and will be the future of AI.

• The power of voice recognition

Already devices like Siri, Alxea being popular voice software, the future of voice recognition will move ahead in detecting human emotions like the mood of the speaker, their frustration, sadness and more.

• Machines capability of decision making

AI powered devices already performing most of the tasks like reading emails, giving directions, creating reminders, wake up calls, etc. is buzzing around converting to smart homes and also will be used in most of the business sectors AI will enhance the decision making capabilities.


Though AI is the most powerful emerging technology, at times it may also make mistakes. Who will be responsible for this? Machines can read what is fed to them. Creativity and Intelligence is a natural gift of humans and machines lacking emotions and values cannot make the right judgment on situations unfamiliar to them and unlike humans they also lack the power of creativity.

Despite a few cons still, AI’s quantum leap in technology is one of the greatest achievements of humankind. It would be the most sought after technology in 2018 which would make living easier, reducing the burden of workload and saving time.

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