2D / 3D Animation

We not only design and create videos, but profess of being the finest 2D animation studio/3D animation company.

iDZ headquartered in the IT hub Bengaluru, has emerged as a unique 2D and 3D animation company offering 2D/3D animation videos. We enjoy telling stories by the way of 2D and 3D animations. Audience would be spellbound as we provide an interesting touch to a boring monotonous product through animations.

Our best in class animation services providing high standards in animation with a touch of creativity. Our creative animators endeavor in maintaining the quality of the video and being in par with your global competitors. We produce inventive and inspiring animated videos that fit perfectly for your company branding.

As a 2D animation studio /3D animation company we engage your customers and create brand awareness for your business with rich animations.

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