Online advertising

Online marketing services to build your brand

Online advertising is a marketing technique which escalates the traffic to a website, enhance their reach and generate more revenue. Online advertising includes PPC (Pay per click), CPA (Cost per acquisition), CPL (Cost per lead), Cost per conversion etc.

PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is when a visitor searches for something relevant to your keywords in SERP, finds your ad and clicks on it. This is when you have to pay and is a quick and easy way to increase traffic for a website. The process of advertising includes offers in the form of discounts or free, adding the relevant keywords and optimizing ads for more click through rates.

More and more people relying on internet today for product or service prices and information, online advertising has been a great marketing tool to build customer relations and prospects. Online advertising agency will help an existing or new business to promote its product or service though it’s not a brand.


Few of the benefits associated with online marketing services are:

  • Increases visibility as most of the visitors are online, advertising your business online will reach out to a wider audience
  • It’s a cost effective method as advertising online does not have fixed costs as compared to traditional advertising wherein you pay a certain amount to place your ads
  • It helps a business to stay ahead with competitors
  • It enhances positive interaction with customers who can leave a feedback, query or comment which helps a business for further improvisation
  • Increases traffic to a site with existing and new customers who find the product relevant to their search which in turn generates sales
  • Builds brand awareness of a business as customers find their choice of search in what the business is offering.

iDZ offers the best PPC advertising services

Being one of the advertising companies in Bangalore, we offer best PPC advertising services, banner ads, email ads, social media ads. We drive the right kind of marketing message which attracts the attention of the visitors and reaches a wider audience. Our team of creative experts creates advertisements which would boost the brand awareness and reach out to the audience effectively.


Do you want your business to excel?

Do you want your business to excel?