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9 Reasons why animation is important in videos

  • Makes a life concept – A real time video may have little restrictions in capturing certain shots or sequences due to various intervening factors which may leave you unsatisfied at times. Animations allow you to bring in life concepts at such scenarios. Do you want to see a flying car or a person walking on water?

Real time examples of our daily life are games. Games are highly addictive and persuading though they are not real. Such life concepts enhance a video on a higher level.

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immortal_u9 Reasons why animation is important in videos

Corporate films change the fortune of branding

When I scrolled down the YouTube channel in my leisure time I realised something that I thought I could share through this platform.
“It’s easy to make money, but it’s difficult to get people’s attention. With varying mass and diversified culture, can we take a trip on understanding what every individual needs and what can interest them the most?”

The game plan of branding

videos talk your business

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immortal_uCorporate films change the fortune of branding

Videos recreating History!!!

Gone are the days when people delivered lectures, used pictures, boards and presentations to tell their clients about their company. Those were the times where traditional media was the only source of exchange of information. But now, we have various options to upgrade and evolve. One of such is the ‘Video production’.

Video production services is creating a new graph off late in the cities like Bangalore, Kochi, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai involving premiere companies. Videos are creating a new era of film making, making communication simple yet effective.

Did you know that videos can boost sales?

Videos talk what words can’t.

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immortal_uVideos recreating History!!!

Bangalore Kneels Down for Teachers Day

Wow , Bangalore does it again.In a very unique way , students in Bangalore have paid tribute to their teachers by Kneeling down in the busy streets….

Well yea !! those were the days when we all knelt as punishment , today remembering our teachers we have decided to pay tribute in the very form of Kneeling down.I am sure all the Teachers across the globe are gonna love this :)

‘ A very happy teachers day’

Team Immortal Dreamz would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every single participant.

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@imdzBangalore Kneels Down for Teachers Day

Bugged by unwanted requests on FB ???



Random Strangers Sending  Requests?? Bugged by unwanted requests …There are innumerable articles on why you should not accept a random request…. lets explore !!


Top 4 reason to Accept random friend requests on Facebook

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@imdzBugged by unwanted requests on FB ???

Bangalore Independence Day Campaign

The national emblem of India is an adaptation of the Lion Capital of Ashoka at Saranath
The Horizontal tricolour flag of India has three colors -csaffron, white, and green
Symbolically saffron, white and green were chosen for the three bands, representing courage and sacrifice, peace and truth, and faith and fertility respectively.
In India, Republic Day honors the date on which the Constitution of India came into force on 26 January 1950 replacing the Government of India Act (1935) as the governing document of India.

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@imdzBangalore Independence Day Campaign