What is a short film?

Everyone has a story to tell and nothing is more practical than portraying your stories through movies. In this era of fast food life, short films become the heroes of the day by narrating a beautiful story in a few minutes. It is a difficult process to infuse all the elements of a short film so as to produce a technically sound film, but the reach that short films have been remarkable.

The Social Medias are used as a medium to promote and propagate a film maker’s idea and ideologies. The movie reflects a film maker’s mindset hence it is of at most importance that every detail of production is scrutinized and high quality of production and production elements are used throughout the process of making the films

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How we can help build your Dream!

We make sure that the scripting phase to the production, post production and even marketing of your film is done with perfection and persistence. At Immortal Dreamz we believe in the quality of the product and use the industry standard production equipments for both sound as well as video production. Short film making has never been more affordable, with competent film making at competitive prices.

Need help with online marketing?

No product is worth the effort put into to conceiving it unless it reaches its desired customers. This is where social media marketing comes into play .In the internet age consumers refer to the internet and do social media research before they actually buy a product .Social media marketing allows clients to build relationships with their customers and thus enhancing the public opinion in favor of your product or services.

Immortal Dreamz specialize in social media marketing by promoting your products online do as to give it the edge that it deserves.

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