What is VFX?

The magic of video technology and vfx can be used to merge your characters with virtual backgrounds. Make them a part of an animated world; make a person fly, move through dimensions. By using VFX/green screen we can bring back life to a world of fantasy that resides within your mind. With cameras and computers everywhere in our modern world, it’s easy to forget that the motion pictures were, themselves, essentially a special effect.


How we can help build your Dream!

We provide budget easy, fast and innovative special effects to our video edits like no other.We can transform a mediocre video into something of beauty and class.Like cooking, adding the right ingredients makes the difference, a good cook can create great dishes, similarly at Immortal Dreamz we have vfx editors with experience and creativity to bring out reality from a world of fantasy.

Need help with online marketing?

No product is worth the effort put into to conceiving it unless it reaches its desired customers. This is where social media marketing comes into play.In the internet age consumers refer to the internet and do social media research before they actually buy a product.Social media marketing allows clients to build relationships with their customers and thus enhancing the public opinion in favor of your product or services.

Immortal Dreamz specialize in social media marketing by promoting your products online do as to give it the edge that it deserves.

immortal_uVFX/Green screen