Discover and Reach Your Target Audience on Instagram

The Best Instagram Marketing Strategies, Explained

Finding and reaching your target audience calls for a different approach on each social media platform. Here’s how to go about achieving this most efficiently on Instagram!

Define Your Target Group

More often than not, your target audience turns out to be more diverse than you initially assumed. While this means more opportunity, it also means there exists a need to devise multiple strategies to address various sub-groups within your target audience.

Defining the audience you want to target your content towards will provide you with clarity about who you’re attempting to engage - knowledge that comes very handy when designing your Insta content.

  • Begin with traditional marketing personas, such as those defined based on gender and age group, and keep adding detail and nuance based on social data.
  • Use social listening tools to understand what’s going on in your industry, niche, and target topics on social. Some good questions to ask yourself around the data that emerges include: Who is driving the conversation? What is the tone of the conversation? What is being said?

Best Instagram Marketing Strategies

Reach Your Target Group

A number of factors play into this part of the game. First of all, before designing further content, identify the types of content that have generated engagement in the past. Now, repeat the process for your competition (skip this step at the risk of missing out on a great source of inspiration for your brand!). Also, ensure you’re posting at the best time using best practices for your industry as well as social listening tools.

Remember to make use of Instagram Stories. Because they work. More than half of Insta’s daily active users engage with Instagram Stories. Use this feature effectively by tracking the data it generates, as well.

Best Instagram Marketing Strategies

Target niche communities by using Insta’s new Follow Hashtag feature. This has been shown to increase engagement significantly.

Now go deeper and begin applying the above strategies to specific personas, picking and choosing ones that will work best for each persona as you go along.

Use Influencers to Widen Reach

Do not shy away from investing in influencers. They are your doorway to reach communities of potential buyers that aren’t aware of or engaging with your brand yet.

Sprout Social’s 2017 State of Social Marketing Report found that influencers are being leveraged to widen reach, share branded content, and promote offers.

Before you approach an influencer, be clear about what you expect from them, what goals you hope to achieve through the collaboration and what you have to offer in return. Also, consider which metrics you would like to use to ensure that your goal has been achieved.

Engage in Social Listening and Track Your Metrics for Effectiveness

Social is a game of testing, testing, and some more testing. Audience demographics may change over time and it takes a keen eye to notice the differences. For this reason, social listening and social analysis are key elements of a good social media strategy.

Best Instagram Marketing Strategies

Keep watching how the conversation is changing, especially when you see your audience is growing. Also, analyze your content for engagement and effectiveness.

Now, it’s time to put together your very own content calendar for Instagram using everything you’ve learnt!

Here’s wishing your brand all things good on Insta!

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