Increasing brand visibility through social media groups

An easy method that works for all

Ah, the sound of money hitting your bank account! Sweet, no?

We’re here to tell you how to make some of that stuff by increasing brand visibility and awareness through social media groups. Not a penny more, not a penny less!

So here goes.

Weave Groups into Your Marketing Strategy

There is much you can do within the space provided by a focused group. Sharing information, solving problems, filling in the blanks left by competitors, providing tips and tricks, creating a buzz, and encouraging feedback are all activities you can engage in with the group with an eye towards growing your audience and, consequently, brand visibility.

Increasing Brand Visibility and Awareness Using Social Media Groups

Adhere to a Group’s Culture

Culture within a social media group - as elsewhere - may arise naturally or be imposed upon the group in a top-down manner. Either way, as a brand, you stand to profit from adhering to the group’s cultural practices.

Also, while you may not be familiar with the people that make up your group, you can always find out more by reading into cues, such as body language and facial expressions in photographs, where and what kind of comments they post, and how and what kind of posts they engage with, too.

Choose Groups Carefully

Many social media groups are breeding grounds for spammy content and other poor practices. Steer clear of these and join those groups where meaningful conversation is going on. If one doesn’t exist, create it. Also, choose those groups that have, as a rule of thumb, over 500 members. This ensures your content reaches an audience that is large.

Take Advantage of Best Practices

Some of the best practices when it comes to social media groups include dropping a personalized welcome message to every new member, ensuring that you are adding value in every post you contribute, not selling your wares unless it is expressly permitted, and engaging with the group at least 3 times a week.

Popular Social Media Groups

LinkedIn Groups

As far as effectiveness goes, especially for B2B brands, there’s virtually nothing out there that beats LinkedIn. Having said that, beware of groups that are spammy. However, in the same breath, it must also be said that some of the most in-depth conversations we’ve had online and groups with active membership and true-blue engagement have also been on LinkedIn.

Find LinkedIn Groups either by exploring the groups your connections are part of or through the search bar on your homepage where you can key in words that indicate the type of audience you’re attempting to reach.

Twitter Chats

Twitter’s version of groups, Twitter chats happen around a hashtag and at a regular meeting time. These will be created by the organizer. Participants may begin to follow the hashtag and also respond using the hashtag during the predetermined time.

Find relevant Twitter chats through Google searches.

The moderator typically asks you a number of questions. Ensure those are answered satisfactorily and that you do not actively promote yourself, but are helpful and build relationships with your audience. Also, use this space to interact with influencers. These Twitter chat interactions may blossom into potential clients or referrals - who know!

Facebook Groups

Social media marketing strategy professionals are forever saying about Facebook that it is getting more and more difficult to be seen in the organic feed. That is, it is becoming necessary to advertise on Facebook before you can get in front of an audience.

An antidote to this: Facebook Groups. Build up brand authority and awareness by participating in conversations and providing expert advice to those that need it.

Find Groups relevant to you by simply typing a keyword related to your industry or audience in the search bar.

We hope that’s been a useful introduction to marketing on social media groups! We urge you to get your hands dirty and try out Groups and Chats on these platforms. On that note, adios!

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