Is Customer-Centric Experience the Future of Marketing?

In order to run a successful business, you need to make sure that your customers are happy and that's where a customer-centric approach comes to existence.

A customer-centric approach is a way of doing business with your potential customers in a way that delivers a positive customer experience in order to maintain a healthy relationship and promote repetition of sales.

But, is being customer-centric important?

Econsultancy recently conducted research regarding- which characteristics do you think are most important in establishing a truly ‘digital native’ culture?

The answer showed that customer-centric approach ranks on the top with 58%.

customer-centric experience the future of marketing

Also, acquiring a new customer can cost up to 5 times more than keeping the older ones. So, when you outsource online marketing services to build a brand, choose the one that revolves around engaging with the existing customers along with acquiring the new ones.

Role of Social Listening in Customer-Centric Approach

When it comes to tracking all the buzz regarding your brand, checking just the notification and social mentions is not enough, you need to go the extra mile. Social listening is the process of tracking activities like conversations around a specific topic, phrases, keywords and then using the insights to create better solutions.

Here are the benefits of social listening:

  • Helps you to create content that your audience craves for
  • Improves customer experiences
  • Generate better ideas for marketing campaigns
  • Track overall brand reputation

How can Negative Feedbacks Affect your Brand Reputation?

As people have started to online review sites, online forums and social platforms to share reviews and experiences, brands have started to keep a bird's eye on every social activity related to their brand. While a positive review can strengthen up your brand reputation and increase sales, a negative review can sink your brand value.

Therefore, in order to maintain a healthy online reputation, it is necessary to understand how our targeted audience perceives your products/services.

According to a recent survey, even one negative comment on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube or Twitter can cost a business up to 30 customers.

Find below, how a negative feedback is been handled carefully by Whole Foods Market:

How can Negative Feedbacks Affect your Brand Reputation?

Why Customer Centric Experience Has Become a Necessity?

No matter what your niche is, there have to be competitors either direct or indirect. In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to level up your game by truly believing that your customers come first.

Brands that are committed to customer's concerns focus on what the customers needs and develops products and services around it. This simple strategy helps them to power up their strategy and win the race.

How to Improve your Marketing Strategy with a Customer-Centric Approach?

  • Create a Two Way Communication Process: is the latest update from Pinterest. Business accounts now get the opportunity to add up to 5 different images published in the same slider and the same URL.
  • Promotions: Promote the products or services that are most appealing and are often purchased by your customers.
  • Request for Feedbacks: In order to grow a business in this era, it is important to recognize customer concerns. The brands that ask people to provide feedback to develop a personal relationship and boost the trust score.

To Conclude:

In this era where YouTube and Facebook have become the main source of information regarding a brand's reputation, you need to make sure that your brand is maintaining a positive online reputation.

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