Optimizing Your Explainer Video for the Best ROI

You want the maximum ROI from your explainer video. And we’ve put together just the right hacks to help you achieve it. Read on to find out.

Choose the Right Style

Explainer videos can be presented in a number of ways. Your unique business has a set of needs that will be best fulfilled by one of these types of video. Consider your brand, your target audience, and the message you want communicated through the explainer video. Ensure that you’re able to make the most of the strengths and advantages of a certain style when opting for one.

  • Animated Story: Easily the most popular among explainer video styles, this type of explainer video depicts your ideal customer as the protagonist of the video. They depicted as having a problem and then finding a solution through your product or service.
  • Whiteboard Animation: We’ve all seen one of these. Easily the most instructive in this list of explainer video styles, the whiteboard animation aims to sketch out the animation on a whiteboard as the voiceover explains key concepts.
  • Motion Graphics: For visuals that look uber-professional and explain difficult concepts, motion graphics is just the thing. The technology sector can be seen using it a whole lot. You can even bring together motion graphics and other types of technology to create something that truly stands out.
  • Screencast Videos: Such videos essentially capture something on the screen and present it side by side with an explanation. In a time when a large number of businesses are present online, this could be just the thing for you.

If you feel comfortable with the answers to the above questions and the rapport that’s developing between you and the video production company, then, chances are, you’re on the right track. Great going, mate!

Optimize Your Explainer Video for the Best ROI

Analyze Content that’s Working

Each business is unique and what works for one doesn’t necessarily need to work for the next. Having said that, what worked for a certain set of viewers is most likely going to work for them again. So why not look at the marketing collaterals - social media posts, blog posts, white papers, etc. - that gave you the most traction in the past and use elements from them to craft an explainer video that’s absolutely killer?!

Brand Your Explainer Video Just Right!

No, we’re not talking about hanging up logos of your product through the explainer video! The use of colour, the kind of characters you choose for your explainer video, the manner of speaking of the voiceover artist, the scenarios you choose to portray, why, even the choice of music can and should reflect your brand.

Remember that with explainer video production, everything begins (and in some ways ends!) with an awesome script. No matter what style of video you choose or how you opt to brand your video, one thing remains common across the board - ensure you have a great script in place.

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