How AR and VR are transforming Various Industries

If you're updated with the latest trends in technologies then the chances are you’re also aware that we are at the cusp of significant changes for several industries. Two of such latest trends that are still undergoing through massive updates day by day are AR and VR. Do you remember Pokemon Go? A game that created history in terms of popularity is one of the examples of AR. On the other hand, VR is also transforming many sectors and a film has already received an Oscar based on VR.

There are numerous Virtual Reality Companies in Bangalore but if you wish to leverage either VR or AR for your business, you need to explore the possibilities yourself. This article will take you through how AR and VR will shape different industries



Education is one of the ever-evolving industries in India. From schools to universities, educational institutions are trying to leverage AR and VR up to a great extent. For example, Google Expeditions is a VR based program that allows you to familiarize yourself with famous tourist destinations all over the world. Also, with the help of AR students can use 3D models to understand complex questions in a better and wider way. Moreover, students can be trained through virtual environments regarding the dangers of their desired professions without actually going through it.


VR has a phenomenal effect on the healthcare industry when it comes to improving the recovery process or improving the patient care process. Here are some examples of how VR is actually transforming the healthcare industry-

  • Treatment of Paranoia- A recent study by Oxford University says that it used VR to treat Paranoiac patients and the experiment was successful. Through VR they virtually injected the patients into social situations they feared that was actually safe.
  • Treating PTSD- Brave mind is a form of prolonged exposure therapy based on VR in the USA. It is used by over 60 VA hospitals, universities and military bases to treat PTSD.


VR is just not modifying Healthcare and Education industries but it is also reshaping the Architecture industry. VR allows the architects to provide prospective homeowners with a better view of the finished properties even before the actual finishing step. This can speed up the entire process because it allows the owner to check the final version before the completion and make necessary changes in real time.


One of the biggest issues with the shopping industry is its uncertainty that restricts people from buying. And AR is the right solution here. With the help of AR, people can have a realistic shopping experience in a selected environment. On the other hand, VR is also a game changer in the shopping industry. Recently, Alibaba has started a payment process that works alongside VR shopping. If you're into eCommerce, using AR with the help of Augmented Reality Companies in Bangalore can help you to level up your game in the industry.


While AR is still in the stage of infancy, several manufacturers have started to explore the benefits of AR for an industrial environment. Be the complex process of assembling, maintenance or assurance of quality, AR ease up the entire process. The potential benefits of AR are enormous. Also, VR can be widely used to enhance manufacturing operations.


VR and AR aren't new but have started to evolve recently and have a way to go in order to go fully main stream. With the wide use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in various industries, several transformations can be expected in the future, creating a huge pool of opportunities.

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