How Local Search Can Help Small Businesses to Grow

Be it directly or indirectly, the internet has affected our lives in a number of ways. From deciding where to eat to where to shop, 70% of the customers visit a store based on information found online. But do you know how to make people aware of your local business?

The answer here is to leverage local search engine optimization. Through local SEO, you allow your prospects to know about the solutions you provide at the time of need. Whether you hire the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore or anywhere in India, the agency would definitely recommend you to use local SEO for your business. Under local search engine optimization comes multiple strategies-

  • SERP rankings.
  • Business Directories.
  • Location-specific web content.
  • Online reviews.

The Role of Local Search in Growing your Small Business-

It's a Highly Targeted Marketing Method

When someone searches for local businesses, it means that they need some specific solutions or products and that means they are looking for your contact information or address. By leveraging local search marketing strategies, you can position your website in the top results so that whenever someone searches for a business similar to yours, they immediately get your website as a solution.

Search Engines to Find Local Businesses

Did you know that 64% of local consumers use directories and search engines as their primary way to find local businesses? But that's not it! 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. In the last few years, people have started to use Google for analyzing which product or service will suit the best for them.

There are Rooms Still Available

Though Google business listings are free to use, still many businesses are aware of it. Only 44% of the businesses have claimed their Google My Business Local Listing. Think about it in this way, you are the owner of a toy store in a small town and there are some more like you. However, you’re a little smarter than the rest and have opted for Google Business Listings and rest hasn’t done it yet. Whenever a new customer searches for a toy store they see your store in the top results and that's how your first impression is made on them. They look for a few reviews and ultimately choose to buy from you.

Mobile Internet Use is on a Hype

As per a survey by Google, 50% of the consumers who performed a local search in their smartphone visited the store within 24 hours and in 2018, 61.2% of global mobile phone population accesses the internet through their phones. Both the stats reveal that the use of mobile internet is increasing at a rapid speed and missing out on local SEO can result in missing out on a huge source of potential customers, which I bet you don’t want!

To Wrap Up

Having a strategy for local search is highly recommended. If you are facing challenges in building your own Digital Marketing Strategy, getting in touch with some top digital marketing companies in India can get you some help in taking your business to next level.

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