Embrace the XML Sitemap to Win with SEO

The Importance of the XML Sitemap

A well-made XML sitemap can light the path for Google to reach all the important pages of your website. For the same reason, especially in a time of much competition to rank on the search engine, they’re great for SEO. This holds true even if your internal linking is less than pitch perfect.

Importance of XML Sitemap

Introducing the XML Sitemap

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Importance of XML Sitemap

What is driving this change?

You ideally want Google to crawl and discover every important page of your website. An XML sitemap helps you achieve this, even when there are no internal links pointing to those pages. It does this by listing all your important pages and conveying to Google the structure of your website.

The XML Sitemap and SEO

Types of Websites

XML sitemaps can be a very useful ally to have in your quest for higher rankings. This is especially true if your website:

  • Has a complex structure,
  • Has many internal links or only a few external links,
  • Has archived content, or
  • Has dynamic pages.

Dynamic pages are seen primarily in the case of e-commerce websites.


Have a look at what ColorWhistle has tweet about XML Sitemap

Importance of XML Sitemap

An XML sitemap essentially passes on data about your website to search engines.

  • Lists all website URLs, including those that wouldn’t have been discovered by search engines.
  • Allows you to provide an indication of page priority to search lines through tags that then impact crawl priority.
  • Indicates to search engines when a page was last modified (tag “lastmod”) and also how often page can be expected to change (tag “changefreq”).
  • Sends information back, such as Googlebot activity, from Google Webmaster Central.

Setting Up Your XML Sitemap

A number of content management systems give you the option to create your XML sitemap automatically. If you are opting to have this done, ensure the sitemap is in the proper format and is error-free.

For small websites that do not see frequent change, XML sitemap generator tools can also be used. It offers you options to define your page update frequency and what modified date is used.

In the case of Wordpress sites, Yoast has an XML sitemap creation tool that’s super-simple.

And it’s a wrap, folks. We hope you found the read useful.

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