Tailor Your Insta Account for Shopping! (Your Way To Success)

Fancy having your customers shop directly from your Insta account versus having to navigate to a third-party site for checkout? Insta makes this possible for you with these shopping capabilities for brands. Take a look.

Got a Website? Link it!

Linking your website to your Insta ad using the “Shop Now” CTA allows you to drive traffic to your digital store the good old way. Don’t forget to take advantage of this tried-and-tested strategy in light of shiny new features such as shoppable tags. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

To add a “Shop Now” CTA, you will first need to choose an objective for your Insta ad - awareness, reach, or traffic. It will then be displayed on your ad in the form of a banner that runs below your image.

Tailor Your Insta Account for Shopping

The inclusion of effective CTAs has shown to increase conversions considerably. Other CTAs which may be used include “Learn More”, Subscribe”, etc.

Having said that, it’s a whole lotta fun to play around with Insta’s new features, such as…

… Shoppable Tags. Use ‘em!

Introduced in 2016 to a few select accounts, the service has - ever since - seen massive expansion. Shoppable tags or product tags serve the function of providing a one-click solution to users who want to view new items to purchase. Essentially, all that a user needs to do is place their cursor over a post with a shoppable tag and white dots appear on all items available for purchase. Upon tapping the image, a brief description and cost of the item appear.

It is, Facebook says, much like tagging a person on Facebook posts.

Adding Shoppable Tags

Shoppable tags are available only on the latest version of Insta and, within that space, only for business accounts. To convert a personal account to a business account:

It’s time now to add a payment method: connect your Instagram account to your Facebook catalogue. Under Catalog Manager, head to the Products tab where you can create product sets and do much more. Facebook will now review your account (this can take up to a few days). Once you’ve received the approval, you’ll receive a notification to turn on product tagging in your Instagram Settings.

Take Advantage of Best Practices

Some of the best practices when it comes to social media groups include dropping a personalized welcome message to every new member, ensuring that you are adding value in every post you contribute, not selling your wares unless it is expressly permitted, and engaging with the group at least 3 times a week.

A Few Pro Tips

You will see brands taking two different approaches to shoppable posts on Insta. They may either place their products prominently or subtly. The latter approach works just even better than the former as it offers a seamless customer experience. A small tote-bag icon appears on all shoppable posts so that there’s no loss of information. Also, remember to leverage Insta’s strengths - mobile and visual. Insta allows the use of shoppable tags in Stories. This makes it easier to engage with a Story they want to be part of.

Native Payments

Insta’s shoppable tags, to date, require a third party to complete payments. However, Insta has been rolling out a native payment option for some users. Restaurants and salons - businesses which rely on bookings - in particular, are being used for this testing. For the user, this means no toggling back and forth between PayPal and Insta, and instead managing the purchase entirely from the latter.

Turning your brand into a shoppable one on Insta can, clearly, deliver financial gains and value to your brand. What are you waiting for?! Get busy making your Insta brand shoppable, already!

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