Make Your Business Video Ready With These 4 Tips

Be it a startup or a multinational company, moving along with the trends is crucial for growing and right now, it's videos that are ruling in the industry. Don't agree? Here are some stats to prove the point-

  • Having a video on your landing page can increase the conversion rates by up to 80%.
  • Videos are shared 1200 times more than links and text combined.
  • Websites with videos are 50 times more likely to be ranked on Google's first page.

Now that you understand the importance of videos, it's time to tell what kind of videos your company needs to start with first. The answer is simple- Corporate Videos. A Corporate video allows your brand to convey your core message to your audience and boosts the chances of engagement with them. But remember to choose the best corporate filmmakers in Bangalore or anywhere in India for kick-starting your video campaign.

But before getting started, check out these 4 tips to make your business more productive in 2019 with the help of Corporate Videos-


Supporting Sales Enablement with Videos

The more time you provide to your sales staff each day the more innovative ideas, solutions and business they bring to you. But how to do that? The best way is to create videos to provide your sales team with instant on-demand access to information, latest products, and the best practices. Also, you can use it to broadcast training, team meetings, and other things in real time.

Determine the Goal of your Videos

Before you start to create videos, it's crucial for you to first determine the goal of your video marketing strategy. Is it creating brand awareness, increasing your website traffic, generating leads or anything else?

Once you determine your primary goals, it becomes easy for you to create videos delivering the right kind of message to your audience. Moreover, it also enables you to add the right CTA to your videos as per your goals.

Add Sizzle

Before you deliver your message to the audience, it is necessary to keep them engaged with your videos and that's where adding sizzle to your videos comes to play. Sizzle includes video effects, music, video and audio clarity, and camera aesthetics. However, don't overdo it. Be careful while adding such effects because you don't want to distract your audience with extra effects over the real content.

Live Streaming Events

With the advancement in live streaming software, it has become possible for corporates to securely stream their own live events without involving any third party companies to organize that event. With a live streaming event, you can virtually gather all your teammates into the same room and provide the same experience to all of them at once. As it has already affected a huge part of the industry, a surge in companies using it as a marketing weapon can be expected in 2019.


A plethora of tips and tricks are available on the web but do they all work? No, you need to just choose the ones that closely relates to the type of videos you create.

Use these tips while creating your corporate videos and see how a few little moves add up to your success. Did we miss any anything? Let us know. We would be happy to hear from you. :)

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