Top 23 Social Media updates of 2018 you need to know about!

Social Media has proven to be the ultimate marketing tool and there is no doubt about that. Year by year, new updates are coming in and just amplifies the creativity of people using them. Brands are always on the lookout for improvising their content and ways to grab the attention of their viewers.

You would have come across a lot of new features and maybe even used it too. Let's take a quick recap of how well you might have used these features in 2018?


How quick are you to name Facebook when I say "social media"? Less than a second? It can be your preferred method to stay connected to people and be updated about events and a lot more too? Yeah, I agree!

Facebook had some noticeable updates rolled out this year.

  • An automatic bot update is one of the updates that has opened to positive reviews from companies and users alike. Media establishments like Washington Post, The New York Times have bots that deliver the top headline and stories of the day straight to your inbox. These bots can be personalized as per your interests.
  • Facebook live is largely popular among public figures as much as it is to you and me. Be it for self-promotions, brand promotions, product launch, showcase events and more, a live video can be termed as the new marketing norm. Followers instantly peep in to like, leave questions or comments to seek a response.

  • Facebook live video
  • Say Welcome to Facebook Attribution: Facebook just rolled out Attribution, a new free measurement tool that causes you perceive how your advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger are working, and measure the evaluated gradual effect of all your showcasing endeavors on enhancing your business results (compared to if you were not running ads).

  • Facebook Attribution
  • From Lead Forms to Instant Forms: Alright, this isn't something totally new however, it’s a makeover of the old lead forms. The new section indicates whether a form was submitted from Facebook or Instagram, empowering you to gauge channel's adequacy. Obviously, Instant Forms will likewise now be accessible for your advertisements in Facebook Stories.

  • Facebook Lead Form
  • More Choices for Video Ad Buyers:Facebook introduced new ways to buy and deliver video ad campaigns: In-Stream Reserve, In-Stream Reserve Categories, and ThruPlay.
  • What’s New in Facebook Ads Manager: As you most likely would have noticed, four new upgraded highlights are presently accessible in Ads Manager:
  • 1. Creative search and filter

    2. Creative specific breakdowns

    3. Enhanced Ads level context

    4. New Ad preview and comment review capabilities.

    5. New bulk import for video Ad (maximum of 10 videos that are up to 10MB each).

  • The Dynamic Creative Ads feature is a tool that will combine all your creative assets and deliver combinations of ads based on it. Some components of your previous ads like texts, pictures, videos will be used and automatically deliver combinations of these to your customers.
  • Ads Review Made Easier: To make reviewing your ads easier and more efficient, Facebook introduced two new features in Ads Manager:
  • 1. The “Review” button that shows the values you’ve selected and highlight errors for a single selected campaign, ad set or ad (you’ll find it under the Edit Tray in Ads Manager).

    2. The “Check Setup” button to quickly review your settings for campaigns, ad sets or ads.


Twitter is the ideal world of catchy one-liners to breaking news at your tip. It is also the platform for brands to roll out quick replies to their customers looking for support and help.

  • A change in character limits Thanks for showing mercy Twitter! Our writers and marketers now have the freedom to write without having to fear the "character limit". Photos, GIF's and videos no longer add up to your character limit. TADA! Go on people! Write to your heart's content!

    Here is the updated blog from theverge on character limit for Tweets.

  • Verified accounts are now applicable to anyone who wants to apply for it. It was only available to public figures like politicians, actors, journalists, etc. until now.

  • Twitter Verified Accounts
  • Customer support: Did you know that you can also be a part of twitter customer support? Your profile is given the option of adding the number of hours you will be available for customer support. That’s it! Twitter then adds a tail "provides support" next to your profile name when people look up to you.


Ahem! Let's talk a little professional now because LinkedIn is, isn't it? Ever wondered how a well-drafted profile on this website can work wonders at the job front?

  • Slideshare: Hailed as “the youtube of presentations”, the feature empowers you to share quality PDFs that have potential to go viral around the web inside, and outside of the LinkedIn network.

  • LinkedIn Slideshare
  • Native Video: Available on both mobile and desktop, you can now share videos directly to the platform. LinkedIn’s video resources allow you to add an element of visual storytelling - and a personal touch - to your business while always keeping it professional.
  • Advanced Search: With advanced search, you are able to narrow down your fields by location, current companies, past companies, industries, profile languages, nonprofit interests, and schools. You can even look for 1st, 2nd, and even 3rd connections. If you’re willing to upgrade to LinkedIn’s premium Sales or Hiring plans, you’ll also be able to unlock additional features such as “function,” and “years of experience”.
  • Sales Navigator: Payable on a monthly or annual basis, the feature is available for both team and individual members—the latter allowing you to see who’s viewed your profile; access to the extended LinkedIn network; lead and account search capabilities and recommendations, and plenty more.
  • Lynda: Given the official title of "LinkedIn Learning" and accessible directly on the home page, the blend of easy-to-access expertise and LinkedIn's perplexed database enables you to investigate and find out about a wide array of subjects quickly, and easily. With videos and perfectly structured How-To's, the union of LinkedIn and was the most intelligent association that could have been made.


How do you know that you're a true Instagramer? Oh, you do? Then I bet you would not have overlooked on these exciting features. No doubt that these features were tailor-made for hardcore users. This photo and video sharing mobile app growth is hard to miss a marketer’s eye. Here’s a brief on the updates they have released for 2018.

  • Any wild guess on what is Instagram’s most popular feature? The Stories! It has been adapted as a digital marketing tool by brands and social media influencers alike. They are very quick with improvisation as users have been loving the ‘add a friend’s profile name’ to your story option. Not to forget, longer video stories too!

  • Instagram Stories
  • IGTV is a standalone app with a solid integration from Instagram. Entertainers and brands have their own IGTV channels which are like live television to showcase the latest updates. Insta now lets you add a preview of IGTV in your stories to increase users in that platform.
  • It is a double jackpot for Instagram addicts to be able to shop through the app. Yes, you heard that right! Marketers have the golden opportunity to add posts and stories which lets your users purchase items off them. A virtual wish list can be created on Instagram and will be ready for checkout when you intend to.
  • The Swipe Up feature of Insta has become one of the most powerful features for businesses. Before you only had one clickable link in your bio but now with Swipe up option, you can land directly on a website or a youtube channel or on IGTV as well! Good News for everyone!!

We won’t leave you without some quick updates on Pinterest and YouTube as well:

  • Carousel Pins is the latest update from Pinterest. Business accounts now get the opportunity to add up to 5 different images published in the same slider and the same URL.
  • Regular Pinterest users love how creative images are displayed as per your tastes. This is put to use with a shopping feature. The company has updated their blog on users being able to shop their favorite looks through the website. ‘Shop the Look’ feature will enable shopping recommendations and new product pins.
  • YouTube has joined the story bandwagon. Accounts with more than 10K subscribers can add stories to their page with the mobile app. Fun fact: These stories last up to 7 days before they expire.

Change is the only constant and its true in the case of social media. It is a sign of a positive response from users that could prompt developers for better apps. Either way, it’s a good time to be an avid social media user or marketer.

Well, a lot is in pipeline for the next year too. Stay tuned to our blog space for some of the trends and strategies that can make waves for 2019!

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