Understanding of pay per click services

Generally PPC or Pay per click is a form of search engine advertisement wherein an advertiser has to pay a certain amount, when a visitor clicks on their ads. It’s nothing but buying traffic for your business rather than gaining traffic,- the organic way placing competitive keywords. A business to generate leads and sales faster, bids on certain keywords in Google Adwords or Microsoft Bing ads.

Suppose iDZ bids on the keyword “PPC Company in Bangalore”, this may display our ad on the top of search engine results.

Why Pay per click services is important?

For a business to rank higher in search engines instantly, PPC is required. PPC are the ads displayed on the top and bottom of search engines. Ads can also be displayed on various websites which have partnered with search engines.


How can a business benefit from Pay per click services?

  • Targets on relevant keywords for business
  • Ads will be placed on top of search engines
  • Drives more traffic to the website
  • Generates leads faster
  • Cost effective form of ad campaign
  • Measurable results
  • Run the ads as per convenience

iDZ, cutting a sharp edge over PPC Company in Bangalore

Amongst all the renowned PPC Company in Bangalore, iDZ being a full service IT and branding company offers best PPC advertising services. The most crucial ones being banner ads and social media ads.

What makes our Pay per click services the best?

Our expert digital marketing team

  • Research on your targeted audience (based) on what they are searching for
  • Analyze on keywords to find targeted customers for your niche
  • Execute a plan to run the ad campaign at the right time
  • Offers best pricing for running ad campaigns with targeted keywords
  • Helps in generating more and consistent traffic for all ad campaigns
  • Get the best return on investment (ROI) with specific ad display and target audience

Is PPC a profitable marketing channel for your business?

For a business, it’s imperative to know the return they are getting on the amount invested. Generating leads may be important, but ultimately the profits are calculated based on the sales for the invested amount.

Pay per click services being one of the profitable marketing channels in maximizing ROI, we conduct our ad campaign based on the following calculation:

Approx. Estimation for Cost Per Lead:

  • Estimated clicks per day = 10
  • Avg. cost per click = $3 (This value will vary based on industry and location wise)
  • Clicks in a month = 300
  • Min. Ad budget spend = $900
  • Conversion rate may vary between 2-8% based on landing page design and industry
  • Conversion rate = 4% (Approx.)
  • Expected Leads = 12
  • Cost per lead = $75

This is just our estimation. Replace this with your number and see if your cost per lead is lower than the amount you spend in traditional marketing to gain a prospective customer for your business. If yes, investing in PPC will be a profitable choice.

iDZ – Online Advertising Agency in Bangalore

We are an online advertising agency in Bangalore offering various Pay per click services like:

Paid search advertising - The most common form of PPC campaign where the ad platforms show up your ads in search engines when visitors search for the relevant keywords.

Display ad banners - Ads displayed on various websites in the form of images or text targeting selected audience.

Social media advertising - Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn being highly popular, PPC ad campaigns on these sites promotes your business and increases brand awareness.

Remarketing - In this form of PPC advertising, cookies on the user’s browser shows specific ads based on the user’s previous search. Suppose you’re searching for dining, the ads pop up with best deals in restaurants.

Google shopping - This type of PPC ads is helpful for ecommerce sites where Google displays the product on top of search engine and a visitor can view the details before entering the site.

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