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Know about Social media management services

Amidst the clamor of the every busy web space, the primal urgency for every online business is to stay in perpetual limelight. Social media management services do exactly this. It is a tailor made assistance, specifically designed to monitor, optimize and grow each aspect of your brand’s social media presence. Let the experts enhance your online image while you run your business in peace.

How can a business benefit from Social media marketing strategy?

Social media networks build a strong relationship of the company with the customers. For any business to achieve an online presence Social Media management services is very important with a great social media marketing strategy.


Benefits associated with Social Media Marketing for a business:

  • Boosts brand visibility and engagement for business with new and existing customers.
  • Drive more inbound traffic and gain new customers.
  • Rank higher in search engines by posting regularly quality content.
  • Higher conversion rates as social media humanize a brand.
  • It’s cost effective.

iDZ-Social Media Advertising Agency in Bangalore

We deliver social media management services which includes Social media marketing strategy, Competitive analysis, Social profile creation and management, Community participation, paid social media services, YOUTUBE channel creation and management.

  • Strategize a social media planner on what content to post, timings to post, which platform and the frequency of posting
  • Ideation of topics pertaining to current trends
  • Social media analysis based on competition
  • Competitive Content creation
  • Brand engagement strategy
  • Quality analysis of social media insights

Generate Revenue(ROI) through Social Media Marketing?

With the increasing number of active social media users worldwide, for a business social media has become an imperative tool. Social media advertising can be organic and inorganic.

Are you getting good returns from your social media marketing??

We generate better revenue (ROI) for your investments and track performance to make it even more. We follow below steps:

  • Defines Goal for your business
  • Keep a track on KPIs
  • Calculating total costs involved in running a paid campaign
  • ROI Calculation and tracking performance

Facebook paid ad campaigns are good for both B2C and B2B companies. Here conversion rate for all industry vary between 2% to 9% with less cost per click (CPC).

Twitter paid ad campaigns helps to reach potential new and existing customers. Twitter has more conversion rate than Facebook with a minimum 3 to 4% with less CPC value.

LinkedIn paid ad campaigns is best place for B2B marketing. It has higher conversion rate than other social media channels but CPC value is 3 to 4 times more than other channels.

Instagram Paid ad campaigns are good for 18 to 40 age group of people mostly in women. This provides less CPC and more conversion compared to Facebook ad campaigns.

ROI = [(Return-investment)/investment]*100

How different social media platforms help a business?

Facebook - Being accessed by all age groups, Facebook is a popular platform where you can reach out to customers worldwide and advertise your business effectively by targeting more customers.

LinkedIn - Mainly for professionals and business personals, LinkedIn helps in building your business connections, sharing content and knowing current business trends.

Twitter - Twitter hash tags, tweets and Retweets help in communicating directly with new and existing customers for business.

Pinterest - This network is majorly for quality images. It’s good for businesses who wants to showcase their brand through quality images.

Instagram - This is emerging as one of the popular channel where a brand can engage and attract its customers with images, videos, and story.

Google Plus - Businesses can make use of Google+ wherein they can add in people with the same interests into the group and track their activity.

YouTube – It’s the best channel for video advertising. It’s right time for businesses to kick start with videos for growing business.

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