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Introducing Augmented Reality for the Advertising Market

Augmented reality or AR, which began its life in the world of games (remember the Pokemon GO rage, anyone?), has now come to advertising and is taking the world by storm. From IKEA and Toys ‘R’ Us to Pepsi and Starbucks, several big names have been taking advantage of the massive payoffs offered by augmented reality for the advertising market. It is, quite simply, going to transform the way digital advertising works. Here’s why.

1. Create Deep Emotional Connections

Ads that use AR are, by their very nature, immersive. Interactive and life-like, AR ads imitate life and, unlike traditional options like banners or images, allow users to interact with them. Wondering how that works?

Consider a billboard placed by a highway. Whereas traditional ads in such a setting can only display attractive images to potential customers, with AR companies can create ads such that passers-by can point their smartphone cameras at the billboard and then watch a promotional video right on their smartphone screens!

Clearly, the second ad emerges the winner here as it generates more interest and increases engagement time. Such interaction with ads builds an emotional connect with users, increasing brand awareness and encouraging future purchases.

Augmented Reality for the Advertising Market

2. Save on Costs through Economical Advertising

Not only do AR ads result in higher profits, but also cut your costs using advertising that is economical. Developing and releasing an AR ad can be far cheaper than placing ads on, say, traditional print media. The difference is vast: a full-page ad on Wall Street Journal can cost up to $221,000, whereas an AR ad would cost you nothing more than $5,000 - $10,000 to develop and release, depending on the quality. What’s more, AR ads are far more immersive than traditional print ads, thus offering you wins on every front!

3. Increase Sales through Virtual Try-Ons

One of the major hurdles e-commerce sites faced before the arrival of AR was the issue of how customers were to judge a product’s look and feel on their body without actually having the product at hand for a trial. Virtual try-ons that use AR changed all that. With AR-powered virtual try-ons, you can try on an unlimited number of clothes, shoes, or sunglasses before deciding to purchase any one of them. Pretty cool, huh?! Told you so! (Er… couldn’t resist that.)

4. Improve Hyperlocal Advertising

Digital ads today make use of machine learning to understand user behaviour, interests, and desires to recommend just the right products to right customers. AR ads go one step further and offer advanced hyperlocal advertising capabilities.

Unlike traditional ads that offer information alone, AR-powered hyperlocal ads have the ability to show objects right on a smartphone screen, thereby not only informing customers but guiding them there as well. This, in turn, helps attract more customers to a business.

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