Take Facebook Ad Under-Delivery by the Horns

Give a boost to your social media marketing strategy now!

Loss of control is frustrating.

Are you losing control, and your mind, over poor performance of your Facebook Ads? Are your ads not getting seen by as many as you hoped and expected would?

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to avoid the under-delivery of your Facebook ads and give your social media marketing strategy a serious leg up!

Choose your audience wisely

Your choice of audience can make or break your Facebook ad. Wrongly targeted ads tend to perform abysmally when it comes to ad delivery stats.

Balance is key when it comes to defining the audience for your Facebook ad. In other words, be specific about the audience you want to advertise to, but not so picky that the audience set becomes too small. It’s a fine line and a bit of an art. Perfection comes with practice.

Choose your audience wisely

Insider Tip: Opt for a wider audience if your ads are meant to generate brand awareness, and go in for a more specific one in case of direct response ads.

Avoid Under Delivery of Facebook Ads

Avoid Too Much Audience Overlap

You target multiple advert sets to different sets of people. However, these sets of people may contain some who are among the audience for more than one advert set. The larger this set of people, the higher the audience overlap.

While such overlap isn’t always a bad thing, it is important to know that Facebook does try not to show too many adverts from a single advertiser to any one person in a short period of time.

Therefore too much overlap, in turn, means that Facebook finds it more difficult to fully utilize the budget available to it.

Insider Tip: If you see ad sets that target similar audiences, try consolidating them into a single ad set with a larger budget.

Rethink the use of manual bidding

The use of manual bidding means you fail to benefit from auctions. Opt, instead, for the automatic bid method - ‘Lowest Cost’ in Facebook lingo. This will give Facebook’s algorithms a chance to bid you, in real time no less.

However, if you do decide to bid manually, Facebook recommends you set the bid level to the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for the result your advert set is optimised for. This is because lower bids can result in a drop in the number of individuals within your target audience who see your ad.

Rethink the use of manual bidding

Insider Tip: In case the results you’re getting at a certain bid level is not satisfying, you could try increasing it.

Better Your Relevance Score and Feedback

A low relevance score and/or negative feedback attached to your ad can also result in its under-delivery. But there’s good news. Both of these can be fixed by tweaking the way the ad is targeted. If that doesn’t give you results, you could also try reworking the ad content.

Insider Tip: Visual content has more impact than text. Try tweaking the former for better results before you spend your effort on the latter.

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