Improve Your Email Marketing with These Neat Tricks

From the providers of the best email marketing services in Bangalore

We take pride in counting ourselves among the providers of the best email marketing services in Bangalore. And we thought it’s time to let you take a peek into our world by bringing to you the key tactics we use to bring you the best results when it comes to email marketing.

Here’s the loot.

1. Make the first touchpoint a memorable one

From timing to content, ensure the welcome mail hits the right spot.

The moments immediately after sign up are some of the most powerful for effective email marketing as you are top of mind for the reader at this point. This greatly increases his/her receptiveness towards communication from you.

Build the content of this mail in such a way that it encourages relationship building and sets the tone for the rest of their journey with you. That way, they know what to expect from you going forward.

Needless to say, deep knowledge about your readers comes in handy at this stage, as you are attempting to strike just the right notes with a mass audience.

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2. Segment Away!

In the world of email marketing, the ability to segment your audience is pure gold. Make sure you have the information at hand to enable you to achieve this.

A CXO responds very differently from a user, for instance, in terms of the criteria she uses to judge content and her expectations from an email marketer, for starters. The differences are vast.

People can be categorized based on a number of factors, from age or sex to job role or even motivation. Ensure you’re choosing what’s relevant for you. A deep understanding of your audience will come handy here as well.

3. Split test, split test, and split test

No one ever said split testing brought them no insights. What’s more, it’s pure fun for the scientist in you, too! Play with crafting the most effective hypotheses, and test them out… in the real world!

From subject lines to CTAs and every element in between is open to split testing. Use this tool more often, we say, and gauge the effectiveness of individual elements in your email marketing.

4. Storytelling Never Dies

Stories are how our brains are wired to make sense of the world around us, and inside us. For this very reason, it is also one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to direct response sales. So it’s no wonder that the same holds true for email marketing as well.

The idea behind using storytelling to get those numbers ticking high is to establish an emotional connect with your reader (pro tip: we say reader in the singular because it is most effective to write as though you were writing to a single person, using the second person pronoun - you).

5. Use the email footer effectively

The footer is an ideal space for you to play around with different CTAs. It could be a soft sell, such as a link to a relevant blog post or webinar, or a direct hard sell. Each would work differently with different readers who are at the various different stages of the buying process, of course.

And these audience members should ideally be treated differently. A rule of thumb here is to use the hard sell sparingly, and try to drive more conversions after the reader is on one of your assets - that blog or webinar we spoke about earlier, for instance.

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