Break the Ice: Learning the Ropes of Instagram Insights

A Simple Guide to Instagram Analytics for Business

You’re so caught up with Google and Facebook analytics, you have no time for Instagram? This could be hurting your business.

Here’s introducing the very first in our #BreaktheIce series which will feature informative blogs that will ease you into a relatively new concept in the digital marketing landscape each week, paving the way for you to take the plunge into the subject.

We recommend you check out the topic/capabilities being discussed, on the native platform, parallelly with or soon after your reading. This takes care of easing you into the practical use of the topic being discussed, gently and with quick results.

Presenting our quick guide to getting you started with Instagram analytics for business.

Introducing Instagram Insights

Plugging into social media analytics helps you track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts for the social media platform in question, and Instagram analytics is no different.

While not as comprehensive as Facebook’s Insights, there is still much useful information that can be gleaned from Instagram’s analytics program - Insights.

Instagram Insights allows you to track metrics like the origin of your Instagram-sourced website traffic, amount of engagement, etc.

To reach Instagram Insights, simply click on the black graph at the top right corner of your Instagram home page.

Although available only to businesses, what is of note is that any Instagram profile can be converted into a business.

Without further ado, here are the key capabilities of Instagram Insights and how to use each of them to your advantage in your quest to improve your social media marketing prowess.

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Instagram Insights: Getting Acquainted with the Tabs

1. Activity

Created with the objective of providing information about overall profile performance with respect to customer actions, the Activity tab shows you the number of profile visits, taps, website clicks and ‘Get Directions’ actions or phone calls placed through your profile.

Below this, you’ll see the Discovery section that gives you information about the effectiveness of your content in reaching your followers in terms of reach and impressions.

Using the Information

Gauge each day’s engagement using the above statistics, and also compare each statistic to the previous week’s performance. This information can be used to identify day-to-day trends and peak/trough times.

Meanwhile, the Discovery section can help you gauge the effectiveness of your discovery and growth strategies.

2. Content

View this tab to find out how each of your individual posts is performing. Upon viewing all Feed Posts, you’ll see at the top that they’re sorted by Impressions, with those with the highest number at the top. This view can be changed to give you information about different user actions, too.

Here, you can also filter by post type and, additionally, view information on Instagram Stories, although only for 14 days into the past.

Using the Information

The data here can be used to identify the content that’s serving you best and in the most desired ways, and also keep an eye out for trends. To add further value to the information here, try to understand why these trends exist.

3. Audience

Track follower growth and obtain information about your user base, as well, here. Audience information is presented by city, country, age and sex. A great feature here is the capability to view when your followers are online, by the day as well as hour

Using the Information

Use the information here to decide at what time you want your posts to go live so that the views and engagements are high.

We urge you to pull up those socks and get your hands dirty on Instagram Analytics. We assure you it will be rewarding. On that note, it’s adieu, folks!

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