5 Must-Haves for Landing Pages that Convert

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1. Has Engaging Copy with All Elements Aligned

Internet users today have terribly short attention spans. They often choose to skim through content. Don’t lose out on taking this large audience base further into your product journey by creating confusion. Get your audience confused, and you risk the abandonment of your landing page, thereby losing conversions.

Also, follow key principles when you write copy for your PPC landing page. Make the content about the user - what are their problems, how will they benefit and what will be the outcome of their taking action on your landing page. Answer their questions, essentially.

You would want to commission the task of crafting the content of your landing page to the best PPC company in Bangalore with specialized skills. This will both help you avoid insider bias in your copy and also ensure that a professional who understand these nuances is on the job.

5 Must-Haves for Landing Pages that Convert

2. Has Top-Notch Visual Elements

The human mind processes visual data - wait for this - 60,000 times faster than it does text. Need we say more to drive home the importance of your design and supporting imagery to your conversions?

It pays a lot to have well-designed visual elements on your landing page. Include elements that convey quickly what your product is, make your call-to-action button prominent and seek to build an emotional connection to your audience through pleasing visuals.

3. Showcases Your Product in Action

You want your audience to pick up on what your product looks and feels like, and quickly. Representation using motion adds to the impact, credibility and quick absorption of the material presented.

It has been shown to have a massive positive impact on conversions. You don’t want to ignore this bit. Take care, though, that the video presented is immediately relevant to and congruent with all the other elements, particularly the offer, that the landing page presents.

4. Induces Trust through Stats and Social proof

The more your audience trusts you, the more conversions your landing page stands to gain. Macro and micro trust elements are key. Now, what are they? Let us explain. Statistics are the macro trust elements we’re talking about; essentially, proof that your kind of product or service is being used to excellent results all over the world. This also serves to induce some amount of that excellent, albeit slightly devious, marketing tactic of creating FOMO (fear of missing out) in your audience.

Meanwhile, let social proof do the work on the micro front, proving that individuals like the audience are benefitting from the use of your product or service.

5. Makes Use of the ‘Thank You’ Page

A ‘thank you’ page can go beyond just adding a gracious touch to your marketing efforts. Go further than just a standard pop-up box (everyone does it!) to say thank you. Create a ‘thank you’ page, instead. And put in some thoughtful links in there that you couldn’t use on the landing page itself (thanks to limited real estate, usually) but you believe would add value to the audience.

Don’t forget to test these ideas!

A/B test, A/B test, A/B test - the golden rule of digital marketing. Don’t believe us, we say. Instead, get out there and see what works best for your niche and business.

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