4 Enduring Trends That Will Define Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2019

While you’re busy with your everyday social media marketing, have you had a niggling feeling that you need to be getting better results? What’s amiss could be that you are out of touch with how social media marketing strategy works today.

These trends that are beginning to be experienced today and are forecasted to stay that way in 2019 and beyond can help you win on social media - today, and tomorrow.

1. The Rise and Rise of Video

A much-quoted study by Cisco from 2017 forecasts that video traffic will account for an astounding 80% of the world’s internet traffic by 2019. And there is good reason for this. Affinity for this type of content is wired right into our brains. Consider these facts:

90% of all information transmitted to the brain is visual

The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text

What’s more, anecdotal experience agrees, too: most of us can testify to learning something better after seeing it in action.

We are, quite simply, highly visual beings and video caters to this part of us. A trend rooted so strongly in our biology is not a bubble but a natural tendency being tapped into and is here to stay. So get on the video marketing bandwagon, already!

2. Third-Party Integrations to Get Deeper

You know those third-party apps that coyly declare “This app does not post to Facebook” to coax you into giving them permission to access your data? Well, they’re here to stay and set to get deeper. Over 90% of apps are forecasted to share their user data to enable the creation of a more seamless experience across third-party apps. While on the one hand this gives access to social media platforms to your behaviour outside the social world, the user gets more integrated, complete, and better services.

3. Even More Targeted Marketing

Now, with third-party integrations getting deeper and capabilities like AI and machine learning that are gaining momentum quickly, a vast treasure trove of user information is available to brands. The information available and easily accessible to brands has changed drastically from basic demographic data to sophisticated information such as user habits, activities, purchasing preferences, and even desires! This is being used to target marketing efforts towards and tailor them to each individual user’s needs.


4. Social CEO Numbers Set to Grow

We live in times of so much fake news, it is even being termed the post-truth era. Given such a landscape, users today would rather hear it all from the horse’s mouth. In this regard, the value of a CEO going social is invaluable, what with the authority and credibility attached to him/her as a source of information.

A social CEO can have multiple positive fallouts for the brand - improving audience trust, boosting brand reputation, and even making your brand more appealing to the talent you seek to recruit.

5. On Trend → Early-Mover Advantage

At the end of the day, social media marketing is an evolving field. Phenomena that are strong trends today are bound to become the norms of tomorrow and those that are in the know early on stand to gain the invaluable early-mover advantage.

So stay on trend and win big on social!

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