Video Advertising - A Powerful Tool in Boosting your Conversion Rates!

Videos a medium of entertainment and information are highly preferred by people as images speak more than words. Every picture created as a video tells a story. The boom in the digital media and the insatiable desire for watching more videos have made video advertising an effective tool for attracting customers.

Video advertising if executed properly increases your online click through rates, drives traffic, reduces bounce rates and increases conversion rates for your website. Videos have made a vast difference in sales of a product or service as visitors tend to stay on a site more who have videos.

How can video advertising for marketing of a product/service be unique?

Video advertising for enhancing conversion rates is not only about making and posting Videos. Spark the interest of the viewers by giving it few creative edge like

  • Adding live chat with representatives which can either be in text format or an exciting face-to-face chat.
  • Make it responsive which can be viewed on any medium including mobile devices, laptops, Ipads, desktops.

Videos which boost conversion rates should be transparent in its goal. You should understand the purpose of this video. The targeted audience should be an important factor. Is it really worthy promoting business with videos? Will the viewer take the next step after watching the video? If yes then how? are the best till date.

Importance of videos - Real time statistics

Videos have come here to stay and become an indispensible part of many best digital marketing agency, in terms of conveying your brand story, boosting your conversion rates, explaining your value proposition and building relationship with customers.

As per recent statistics the demand for videos are growing at a high-speed where:

43% of people want to see more video content from marketers? Or that 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI? (Statistics as per HubSpot Blog)

Listed are a few of the statistics on video marketing for 2017 (Insivia)

  • Online video will account for 74% for online traffic
  • 55% people view videos online everyday
  • 59% of executives say that if text and videos are available for the same topic, videos are a better platform to choose
  • 52% of marketers believe that video is effective for brand awareness
  • Including video in landing page boosts conversion by 80%
  • Almost 50% of viewers watch videos of a product/service before purchasing it in stores
  • 4 out of 5 customers believe demo videos are helpful
  • Nearly two-third of customers prefer videos under 60 seconds
  • Among millennials, You-Tube accounts for two-thirds of the premium online video watch across devices
  • People spend 2.6x more time on pages with video than without.

How to boost conversion rates for your business through video advertising?

Business’ which have incorporated videos in their marketing strategy have escalated their sales more than before, using videos. A few details here would enlighten us as to how videos can boost your conversion rates.

Videos are eye-catching and stays forever in memory

Visualizing images are much easier and effective than reading text. When we watch a video we are bound to understand better and stay on for more time on the page. Customers today prefer videos over white papers and case studies.

Escalate your sales

Adding a video on your landing page will boost your conversion rates directly impacting the sales.

Videos earn the customers attention

If videos and text are available for a site, customers tend to watch videos spanning from seconds to few minutes. Videos also enhance engagement of customers on social media thereby making you standout in Google search results.

Keep your videos short

Humans tend to have short attention spans hence to keep your audience’ engagement powerful and convince them to convert, your videos should have a specific time frame.

Incorporate call to action in your video

Just by making your brand standout with effective colours and images will not convert the customers, a call to action is the answer for conversions. Consider the right call to action before adding them in your videos.

Business’ can leverage excellent ROI

Video marketing is a great return on investment for a company. Make clear cut videos with great content explaining the product/service which highly boosts the conversion rates. Here are a few great ways of enhancing your sales with video.

Ignite the trust with videos

Human mind is always doubtful about buying a product for the fear of getting cheated. Promotional videos play a great role in making people understand the product better and building the trust in the customers.

Search engines pick on sites with videos

Videos make customers stay for a longer time in a site which is embedded with a video. Give good titles and descriptions to your videos with proper SEO optimization.

Videos are for anything and everything

Videos in the form of explainer videos talks about a product/service. Companies with explainer videos in their site have boosted their conversion rates to a great extent. Difficult concept can be explained effectively with animated videos. Live feedback of customers can build the trust of the new customers through testimonial videos.

Video Advertising - The next big success on the Digital Media Platform

Video advertising being a creative platform is popularizing due to it far-fetched reach which can reach within less time all over the globe. Video marketing today is a great move towards the success of a business. Get best video production services and video advertising with Immortal Dreamz.

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